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Edible Drinks from Cream Chargers!

Using Molecular Mixology to Make Edible Cocktails

Edible Cocktails? The wonders of the culinary world will never cease and with molecular mixology, you know that you are your own limitation to what you can do. This is a science and you can give it a tweak here and there to come up with something new that you can use to surprise your guests. There are so many things that you can do. You can infuse a new flavor into your cocktail, in fact, different flavors and at the same time. You can use flowers, herbs, spices and fruits to change the flavor while leaving the alcohol content intact. You can also play with the textures with foams and espuma produced by cream chargers – these will mess with your head because cream chargers really can make lighter-than-air creams for you. Continue reading Edible Drinks from Cream Chargers!