A Simple Molecular Mixology Recipe for a Home Cocktail

As you must have seen online, molecular mixology is a very wide subject. The available recipes are astounding some complex and some very easy. Luckily, this variety is very welcome because it means that you can find something that will suit your needs very well. If you would love a quick recipe that takes only a few minutes, you will find it here. If you want a recipe that can take some time, you will also find it here. The best thing is that you will find what you need here. See a sample recipe below that you can try out on your own at home.

This recipe makes no need for the ubiquitous cream chargers – but is simple enough for beginners.


The recipe underlined here is not the only one, but it is just one of many and it takes a little time to concoct a drink that you will find very delicious. Just read on


You will need

6 ounces bourbon

2 drops vanilla

Cinnamon schnapps – half ounce

Gelatin 2 tablespoonfuls

Caramel syrup -2 ounces

Cola – 8 ounces


Ice cube tray



How to prepare

  • Start by soaking gelatin on the bourbon for just five minutes
  • Place it over low heat until all the gelatin is gone
  • One by one, add all the other ingredients and stir thoroughly
  • Empty that mixture into the ice cube tray and then keep it in the refrigerator waiting for it to firm up.


You already have your drink. For more effect, may be you can share the mixture into several shot glasses depending on the number of people who will have it. If you followed the simple procedure right, the drink should be firmed and ready for consumption in 30 minutes.


So what is so remarkable about this recipe, you may ask. It is the simplicity. It is a very simple recipe; one that you can use and have your drink fast, in 35 minutes. It also does not require you to buy a lot of stuff. That is how simple molecular mixology has now become.


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