Cream Chargers Fizzy Fruit

This is a doozy of an idea we got from here, except we substituted the CO2 from the seltzer for nitrous oxide from the cream chargers

apart from that the method was more or less the same, the idea is that you use the cream dispenser simply as a pressure vessel and power some gas into the fruit – then when the fruit is released from the pressure tank then the fruit explodes with flavour..

It does in fact literally explode so be warned if you try it at home!!


to be fai it wasn’t exactly the same as this – after all the cream chargers probably only contain approx one litre of gas, but it still made fizzing mess when it was allowed to get out and “equalize”

We tried it again using CO2 as per the instructions – it still exploded but enough gas was left dissolved to make it all nice and fizzy!!! So the was a treat, we kept the whole thing nice and cool then poured it into pure, iced vodka – then ate it with a spoon!! The whole thing went down quite nicely!